LinkedIn for Grads Workshop

You've almost finished your degree. Now get that job!

LInkedIn for job search

It's getting real. Some of your friends are already sorted for next year but you're not there yet.

You're beginning to stress. What happens next?  You haven't found a job and it's not easy to get interviews. You know you need to do something.

It's time to take control

You understand social media

Now make it work for you. Find out how to use LinkedIn properly to stand out from the competition and help you land those elusive interviews.

LinkedIn for Grads

Stand out from the other graduates applying for the same jobs

Develop a personal brand employers will remember

Showcase your character as well as your qualifications

Set yourself up to attract the right job offers. 

Discover job opportunities you didn't know existed

Designed for graduates and soon-to-be graduates

Small workshops allow for Q&A

LIVE online workshop (nothing is pre-recorded!)

Upcoming Dates & Times

Fri 15 July 2022: 10.00 - 13.00

Wed 20 July 2022: 13.00 - 16.00

Cost: R950

Workshop by Ann Druce

I'm a marketing consultant focused on strategy and especially digital marketing strategy.

I've helped execs and students use  LinkedIn to command trust and respect in highly competitive markets.

I'll get you started on your LinkedIn journey, helping you drive your personal brand and building your chances of securing that all-important interview.

Ann Druce

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Linkedin for Grads

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Want to be sure I'm the right to help you?  See some of the public recommendations from some of the people I've worked with.  

3 Step Framework

Step #1: Get noticed

Learn to focus on your strengths, make yourself memorable and get onto employers’ interview lists.

Step #2: Use your contacts

Link up with people who’re already connected in business and may be able to help you

Step #3: Discover online listings

Employers post job opportunities on LinkedIn that you may have missed.

Action Plan

FREE Kickstart your career workbook

Course workbook provided to complete your personal action plan.

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And stand out from the other applicants

Linkedin for Grads

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