5 Minutes to Upgrade your LinkedIn Profile

Does your LinkedIn profile reflect who you are and what you do now? Take a few minutes and give your profile a mini-face lift.  Not because you’re looking for a new job, because having an outdated profile just makes you look sad and out of touch.

Take 5 minutes each day this week, or spend half an hour and tick off the whole list.

1. Take a selfie

Yes, a professional pic would be great, but it’s more important that you have a clear, close-up, and up-to-date pic of your face.  You, by yourself, smiling and approachable. So whip out your phone, find a simple background (a light coloured wall is great) and face the light.  

Make sure you crop it so people can see your face, and upload your new pic.  

2. Post something

Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to post something meaty, find a contact you respect and post a comment on their post. Something a bit more thoughtful than “Nice” or “I agree”.  By posting as little as a comment, your profile looks more interesting – and people who are checking you out get to know a little more about what matters to you. 

3. Update your professional headline

What do you want to be found for?  If your headline says “managing director” or “owner” you’ll probably be found by people who want to sell you something. But if you say you supply top-rated solar heating panels, people who are looking for solar heating panels might find you.  Your headline doesn’t have to be your job title, it should be what you do.

4. Record your intro on the app

The idea behind the voice intro is to let people know how you pronounce your name.  And while you might have a simple name that doesn’t need any clarification, you could use this to highlight your key promise. 

It’s only available on the app right now – just look for the speaker icon next to your name and you can upload a mini elevator pitch.

5. Add a cover image

Add some colour to cover and stand out from the rest.  You can use a photo, a line of copy or even just a rectangle of your favourite colour. If you’re not sure what to do, visit canva.com and check out their templates. (Yes, they do have a free version.)

Just remember the other format.  If you’re a web user it’s easy to forget the LinkedIn app, and vice versa. So check out the finished product on both options before you finalise your profile. Your profile photo could be covering the most important part of your message!

Okay, I admit it – you probably can’t do one in 5 minutes.  But it’s still quick and easy.

Want to find out more?

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